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She is a 2nd grader that loves school and doing her homework. Her problem is tests. She freezes. I was the same way but I get a stomach ache before each test and have to use the bathroom. It wasn't til HS that I got it together. I don't want that for her so who can help me please?


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I must admit, this is why I don't use only tests to assess kids, because you are really only assessing based on the mood and motivation in that one moment on one day, and we ALL have bad days. Maybe if you let her know that it is really just the teacher seeing where she is at to help her, rather than a test to judge her? I think kids feel incredibly judged when they do a test. I always reassure my younger high school students that they should just do their best, and if there is something on the test that is really concerning them, we will come back to it and relearn it, then do another activity to demonstrate their knowledge. Perhaps the way to go is by encouraging her to do her best, but also letting her know it is not the end of the world if she gets an answer wrong.

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I don't think there is much you can do except tell her it's no big deal because all a test is, is everything she's already learnt and it's just their way of seeing if you remember. And she will do good. I used to go through the same thing you did too, only thing that sucked is they wouldn't let me use the bathroom until the test was done LOL

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