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Dana - posted on 09/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok I have a 14 year old son who at this time is not allowed a phone he has had a phone in the past but has lost it.anyway his so called best friend is practically attached to his phone .we invited him to a concert about an hour away and he texted the whole in tire way there.while he was texting he was being very rude to my son as if he was annoyed that he had the nerve to speak to him while he was texting.this obviously made me upset.when we arrived at the concert the boys went their separate was not to cool to hang with the parents.on the way home the friend continued to text and my son was again trying to have a conversation when the friend finally says dude you lost me 2 miles back! Seriously I was mad now we invited him an he is being very rude to my son so I speak up and say don't you now it is rude to to text while you are suppose to be hanging with your friend?His responds was "it is"?

Then later as if this wasn't enough my son informed me that during the concert he was texting the whole time.what are your thoughts on what I should do if this happens again?Should I have not been upset? Is this ok to do?


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S. - posted on 09/19/2012




I'd probably ask my son not to invite him again if it bothered you that much, it would have done my head in too mainly because your son was clearly bothered if both of them was on there phones like i'v seen happen with my daughter and kids was happy, id probably think there both rude but it wouldn't bother me as much.

I have rules with phones, nothing major just little things like no phones at the table, my daughter as told a few of her friends off before I do lol, even more shocking My sister (a grown woman) was actually at my mothers Christmas dinner table constantly on her phone! Her son said "no phones at the table" and her reply was "I am a grown adult" my mother never said anything but I'll never get over how disrespectful I thought she was. It still makes me angry thinking about it now and it was two years ago lol.

My husband is also really bad with his phone I often give him a look!!!! for being rude with it. There's no wonder the kids are like it when parents are like it my husband included!

Vicki - posted on 09/19/2012




I agree with you it is rude. These days it seems like it is socially exceptable to do this, i have seen many teens be on their phones when they are all in a group together. I dont believe that they think they are being rude at all. I have also seen adult men and women be on their cell phones while in a company meeting. Recently i went out for a ladies night with a group of friends, we went to a club we were sitting at the table with our drinks and everyone pulled out their cell phones! I thought are you kidding me??? We are at a bar ladies dont you want to talk or dance? I demanded that they put their phones away so they did! I think it is up to your son to set boundaries for himself and be the one to speak up. Knowing this about his friend maybe he wont invite him along next time.

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