thank you for the advise to start with 1mg of Intuniv, I think Amy wrote me back. I am having a very hard time figuring out how to find things on this website. Anyway, I wanted to say that today when I gave my daughter her 10 mg instant release Ritalin and the 1 mg of Intuniv she flipped out. She takes Ritalin SR in the the morning and does pretty good all day except she has really bad tummy aches. She also get a lot of anxiety. Tonight was awful to watch. My gut tells me not to give her the 10mg of Ritallin in the afternoon and just keep with the Intuniv. I know she needs something during the day, considering asking for a change to Focalin or Adderall. Any thoughts about all these thoughts and questions? It is driving me crazy too. thanks. Suzette she flipped out


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Suzette - posted on 10/12/2012




Since Isabella was about 18 months old she has had behavioral problems. I didn't take it too seriously until she was about three thinking she would grow out of it. She is now nine and has not grown out of it. I have done everything under the sun, special diets, special foods, taken her to all kinds of natural remedy specialists. She has had extensive testing and has been given several different dx. She has done nuerobiofeedback at the university hospital and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

After taking her to a phyciatrist, I am against meds for kids, but realized I needed to get help for my child. All the interventions there were not helpful. We took a break from it all for several months and my family doc mentioned we just try Ritalin. I was really surprised, but it changed our world. I wish it ended there, that was in August. The side effects have been rough. Although she is now making friends, do great in school, and not arguing fighting with us at home so much, she does get voices and visual hallucinations, she gets facial and motor tics, and terrible tummy aches and anxiety.

At this point she takes 40mg of Ritilin SR about 6:00 am because it takes a while to start working. I am not giving the 10 mg of Ritilin (short acting) at three pm anymore after her terrible reaction last night.

We just started the Intuniv and I hope it will help with tics, and anxiety, and help with focus. I worry that the Ritilin SR is still giving side effects and that is why I wondered about Focalin or Adderall. This is so hard for parents, my husband is a physician and I am a phychotherapist so you would think it is easier for us but it is not. I feel like I am swimming in a sea of ADHD. Katherine, if you have any suggestions or help I am open all the time to help, but I probably have already tried it. Thanks, Suzette

Katherine - posted on 10/12/2012




What is she on all of these meds for? There are communities I can help you with.

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