Thanks for your advice in "What would you do?" thread...

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For all of your that gave your two cents to my question asking if I should take my daughter to Houston for a house hunting trip, thank you! I think I've decided that I'm just going to send my husband alone. We've been looking on the internet for places we both like for the past 3 months or so, so we have a big list of all the places we like already, I would just prefer to see the places in person as a picture doesn't show the whole story. But, I do trust my husband and he knows my top picks so I'm sure it'll all turn out fine :P (fingers crossed!)

I just wanted to elaborate on my inclusion of my in-laws age (mid 60s). I know that's not ancient and they are very able to watch her, they are after all our only babysitters and they have baby sat for us many times before. My main concern (and reason that I refuse to leave my daughter with them overnight) is that while they are capable of taking care of her, that doesn't mean they do! They have the best intentions, but it's things like changing her diaper...they'll let her sit in a dirty diaper for hours because they don't want to change it. The last time my MIL babysat my daughter had a red bum for 3 days... and they love her and play with her a lot, but they also get her really excited right before nap/bed time, so she doesn't sleep for them, or it takes her 2-3 hours to fall asleep. Plus, they themselves go to bed between 1am-2am and I don't believe they would happily get up with her if she wakes in the night and she's up between 7-7.30 every morning and they usually sleep really late...and the worst thing, they are both HORRIBLE drivers! My FIL is a very emotional driver and speeds and swerves around other cars, I honestly fear for my life every time I'm in the car with him! and my MIL has been in something like 3 or 4 accidents since I've know her (6 years) She's very absent minded and doesn't pay attention when she's driving...she doesn't even know how to strap my daughter into her car seat, even though I show her how to do it every single time I strap my daughter in. So...while I'd LOVE to have a little mini vacation with just my husband and go house hunting stress free, I just love my daughter too much to do all that to her!! lol As I said, leaving her with them is NOT an option. I think people need to remember that everybody is different, and while they are very loving grandparents, my daughter is my responsibility and if I don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone else, there must be a reason...

Thanks to all of you again :) Some of your suggestions were fantastic!

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