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Louise - posted on 07/04/2012




Just sti her down and ask her if she is serious about giving her baby away for adoption. If she is then tell her that you would really like to keep the baby in the family and adopt the child yourselves, ask her how she would feel about that. I cant see anything wrong with that, I am sure she would be very relieved that the baby will stay in the family and she can watch it grow and flourish. The sooner you ask her the better.

Firebird - posted on 07/04/2012




Invite her over for lunch or something, nothing fancy, just casual, and tell her point blank " we would very much like to adopt your baby, how would you feel about that?" You don't have to beat around the bush, or sing a broadway musical. Just come right out with it. She might not be comfortable with the idea, however, there's a good chance she'll be be very happy that her baby will still be kept in the family.

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