Thanksgiving and Christmas are not what they used to be....

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Keep in mind this is in the United States that I am talking about this:

I just was reflecting for a few minutes about the Holiday Season. I seems to me that people have forgotten what it should be about not what is has become.
As a little girl growing up with a sister, we always were excited when Thanksgiving and Christmas came. It brought with it the magic of everything that went on for those Holidays. For Thanksgiving, we were at home with our parents, grandparents, and sometimes others. We had a meal together and we sat at the table to eat. The best of the dishes came out and were laid out on the table with the special silverware that my mom owned. Her special serving dishes and platters were used. There was all forms of good things to eat--turkey, dressing, potatoes and gravy, green beans, carrots, pickles, relishes, butter, rolls and bread. It was a feast but the most important thing was that we prayed and gave thanks for what we had. Years later, we would be the ones going to spend Thanksgiving at someone's home but then it was more fun because we had our cousins to spend it with. The magic of being able to be with them was more than I could have hopped for as a child. It also started some new traditions--new shows on TV came out for us to see--The Sound of Music among them added to the Wizard of Oz. Those shows started off the holidays for us and after they showed the Christmas cartoons came on. Thanksgiving also gave us kids a chance to put on a version of the Thanksgiving store for our family. We worked out the whole thing and practiced it several times just to be sure it was just right. Our mothers and grandmother watched. We were so proud of that.
Several years later, when I was the adult and had kids, I had to learn to share that time with my in-laws and my own family. We still had the magic of the times. Stores also closed mostly for the holidays including the big name stores. There was no shopping on Thanksgiving to get a earlier start to Black Friday. Not even movies were open until my kids had gotten older. Even on Christmas no one was open until the mid 1990's.
Christmas Season starts the day after Thanksgiving in the commercial world. But at home we did not put a tree up as a child until a few days before Christmas. Christmas magic was held aloft for those weeks after Thanksgiving as we watched the Christmas Cartoons and made our lists for Santa. The Christmas play at church became the big deal for our family and going to Church on Sunday morning was a special thing. As kids we got to see our mom make lots of good things to eat for the holiday, we also go to help when we were of a mood too. My kids did a lot of the same things as I tried to keep it going...traditions you know. Only by the 1990's places started staying open on the holiday and a lot of people started going to them but not us. We stayed home and spend time with the family. By this time frame most business were closed but on Christmas only one major retail outlet closed at all anymore. A lot of places close for Christmas even today, but a lot are still open.
It saddens me that people think about shopping on the day of thanks. Have they forgotten what Thanksgiving really is? I am surprised that a lot of places are open even on Christmas as well. It seems it is more about the money spent and profits that are made rather than the real meanings of these holidays. The magic is gone from them. People are more worried about what they can get their family and the best place and deal they can get for it. Its not about the holiday anymore. My own grandkids are now growing up in a generation that will think that those holidays are for what they have turned into not what they are meant for. But I know my kids will make sure my grandkids know the differences.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are not supposed to be about the money and shopping. It is supposed to be about family and the love that the family shares. What happened to that? I know a lot of people feel the way I do about the holidays and I wish I knew them. But for the rest, it is all about the chance to spend some money on an item for a particular person that will be long forgotten in years to come. It is also about the memories that are made. Are they going to now be about going to shop at 6 pm on Thanksgiving and what deals were gotten?
What say you?


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Being in Australia, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Our stores are closed for only 3 days a year. They are Christmas Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day.
Working in retail it is horrible that we have all these extra trading hours for Christmas and are open 7 days a week.
At least the company I work for is family focused. Last year we closed our stores at 5pm on Christmas Eve (the official closing time was 9pm!) and the sign actually said so we could spend time with our families. I have also been told that I am not to work Christmas Eve this year as my family celebrate on Christmas Eve (We are Danish). My boss has said that they get their Christmas off so why shouldn't I.

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