The bad things that can happen between swapping breast to bottle?


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Michelle - posted on 06/23/2015




I don't know what you are asking. Why should bad thing happen because you switch to bottle feeding? Many babies start off bottle feeding and are fine.
Please explain what help you are after.

Duse1 - posted on 06/23/2015




I am not sure what you need or want from your question. While it is true that some feel breastfeeding has been proven better for your baby, I don't think there are any bad things that can happen.

I breastfed all five of mine. My First I could only feed for six months however and he went to the bottle freely.. I fear my supply was weak and I kept breaking out in a rash. it was very painful, I would crack open and bleed even.. BUT nothing happened to my first because I fed him a bottle the next 6 months. He is a healthy adult now..

My second son I had a good supply, I breastfed him for 18 to 19 months.. who's counting at that point right.. LOL.. My Third and Fourth both were over two years,, well just slightly.. that is a long story there,, extenuating circumstances, but nothing wrong with feeding that long either..Although I get the eye roll from time to time LOL..
My Fifth I know I fed for nearly two years again.. I never pumped, with any of them.One reason I won't comment on pumping verses the other, except maybe to tell of other mother's who have actually told me of that experience. .. I take my Hat off to any mother who tries pumping, and succeeds.. I was blessed to be a SAHM.

I also Appreciate a mother who knows she can't or does not want to, for what ever reason and decides to bottle feed.. There is nothing wrong with that, and many women have done so.

My Own daughter only breastfed her baby for the first three months,, then decided to bottle feed. I praised her for the amount of time she did breastfeed then told her, it's not always easiest thing to do .. It took time to get used to, and is not for everyone.. I also told her My Grandson is a very loved and healthy baby,, Easing her mind to realize that by stopping and switching to bottle, she was not hurting her baby in any way..
I myself was only breastfed for a few months and then put on the bottle by my own mother.. I am fine,, I know some might think it's not as good to bottle feed, or that we should breastfeed as long as we can.. BUT

I say it is up to the mother, and it does not mean she loves her baby any less..
Any Medical reasons I don't go there.. I have heard of a few,, but I don't think they have any Set in Gold, actual proof.. Plus I think they change their minds every few months, those Scientists.. LOL. so Look at the pro's and con's for YOU.. and only you.. Then make your decision.. Good Luck, and God Bless

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