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Tish - posted on 07/13/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son went to spend 10 days with his dad in the holidays.
It's come back to me from my son of 13 that my ex's wife had cornered him and started bad mouthing me and saying that he better be careful he'll turn out to be like me.
She also told him that I must stop asking for money as they don't have it. This is so utterly untrue as I only ask for the support for his education and the maintenance that he has to pay according to the court order. I have never asked for more than what has been necessary for my son. We have had issues where he has not bothered to pay at all and I have literally had to beg him to pay the maintenance.
I haven't responded to all this, as I am not sure how to deal with it. It's made me very angry that she is getting our son involved in utter nonsense and issues he has no need to be involved in.
My ex had an affair with her when I fell pregnant with our son. She was one of my best friends at the time. He then married her after she fell pregnant.
I was very hurt about the break up and the affair, but have I have moved on and have a wonderful life, with amazing friends and family in my life.


Michelle - posted on 07/13/2015




You are right not to involve your son in adult issues. It's best not to say anything in reaction to what he told you, maybe a "Oh really" but nothing too committal.
My Mother used to say things about my Dad like that and my Dad never said anything bad about her in return to us. As I got older and looked back, I realized how much more respect I had for him for not saying nasty things about her back to us. My Mother can be very nasty (and was very verbally abusive to my brother and myself for years).

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