the father of my 4 children

Sulie - posted on 11/01/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm legally married to the father of my children,we share 4 beautiful girls together.All girls and the two youngest are twins,when the twins were about 3 months astranged husband vanished and got into all sorts of trouble.He joined a gang at the age of 26 ,he was doing drugs and hanging out with other gang members.That led to infidelity and neglecting our children and even his job,which was not good because were we lived at the time.He was employed there ,so we lived there rent free.He even went as far as lying to me his own father had died ,when he was missing.Claiming here and there he was in jail,leaving me alone with 4 little girls ,all under the age of 4 with no food ,no vehicle,because he would take my car and just disappear with it.I then separated with my children going back to my mothers house to be safe and fix things from there.Instead of resolving anything ,it got worst.He would get paid and spend money somewhere else.On one occassion he spent 300 dollars on a tattoo ,and gave me 55 dollars for the kids and I.Later after I settled down with the kids in our new home.We made our separation official,and he agreed He would just help me with the kids.He got a second job ,telling me he was going to get his family back and fix everything he messed up.Things got worst.He stopped calling the kids,never came to see them.6 months or so he'll pop in and want to see them and I would agree cause i felt soory for my kids,not having him around.he never took that opportunity to come as he said and when he did once or twice .He would show up with his 16 year old little brother around odd hours ,drrunk and high.So most of jis time around his kids,he was either sleeping or intoxicated .Then he just disppeared completely,so I filed for child support,just then when I chose to file child support.He called me and said to get on with my life and take care of the kids,I asked him to sign over his rights and he agreed.Then his drug addict mother comes into the picture wanting to take my kids whenever she showed up.When I refused her visitation she paid for his lawyer and started bribing him with a car and house,so that he would go forward with custody over my children,and she would get to see them that way.The last thing he said to me was,you know sorry I filed for all that shit but my mom needs to see the kids.He not only proved the point he doesnt care but he addressed his own kids as "THE KIDS" .Now he wants to fight for custody.After 2 years being absent.Now he wants to return and remind my children of his neglect,pain and emotional distress he has caused,with no care in the world.God help me.

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