The father of my son wants full custody. Because he cant get out of child support

Rylie - posted on 10/04/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I dated this much older man for 2 years. His wife passed away 6 months before we started dating and he was left to care for there two young boys. I fell in love with him along with his children. I treated them like my own. He didn't want me working so I cooked, cleaned, did laundry I kept the house spotless and did anything he asked and more. I also took care of his boys. I bathed them shopped for them put them to bed got them ready for school. Always giving them my fool attention making craft, reading, swimming, you name it i did it. I was not allowed to meet his family until his fathers funeral a year in. That was the first i had met his mother. He kept me from all his work friends church the kids school and would make me go upstairs if someone he didn't want me to meet visited. Always using his wife's death and his church as an excuse. He is very controlling and i fell right into his spell. My huge concern is his brother living with him who has PTSD and wont get help. He wont get a job chris pays all his bills gas food cigars. He hits the kids yells all the time I've even seen him hold the oldest boys head under water. I would go to Chris and he would say its his brother. He would tell me to keep the kids away it was my fault i was making most of it up because i didn't like him. If i said anything he would come after me. We vacationed to hawaii when we got back i found out I was 13 weeks pregnant. He demanded I have a abortion I refused. As soon as the boys starting asking questions (I was 6 almost 7 months pregnant) he kicked me out told me to move back to ohio (He lives in FL). I couldn't take anymore fighting. I was having trouble with baby. So I did it packed my car and drove myself back to my parents. I begged him to come for the birth, He made my get DNA 4 days after the birth before he would sign the paternity affidavit and put him on insurance. I invited him to see his son countless times. I decided i would go to him took my son at 4 months on a plane to FL. I was there 2 weeks he met My son for 1 hr. didn't look him in the eye. Held him on his shoulder. and said he was fat and looked like me. (my baby is in the 5%) he's very small. I get a call from home saying papers came and he's trying to get full custody and wants the baby now until the hearing. The man doesn't like kids. He wont put them in sports bc he doesn't want to wake up early on weekends. He and his brother sit in front of the tv on the porch and smoke all day one with cigarettes one with cigars.

I can't let my son into this household. He's now saying its my fault for not getting married. I told him i would if he made his brother move into his mothers and he had to allow me to move some of my things in because everything was his wife's (he was cheating on her and they were filing for divorce when she died) He's all about his image His church he cant take communion or be in knights of columbus. I need help advise anything to keep may baby with me. I want him to know his father but not like this. He's very smart so good with words talks right over me and people believe him. I need Help!

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