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What things did your parents say/do growing up that you hated as a kid that you would NEVER do to your kids? Lets get creative here and NOT write about spanking. Thanks

My parents let me be fearful of grass when I was a baby. I naturally didn't take to it well and my mom thought it was the best thing ever because I didn't need a leash, cage or her attention when at a park because I wouldn't leave the blanket. She told me when I had my kid not to teach it to like grass. I think this is sad.

I was also scared of vacuums around age 2-3 and my parents couldn't keep me in my room at night so they plugged in the vacuum at the end of the hallway and whenever I would sneak out, they would plug in the vacuum while they watched TV. I also think this is sad and would never do this to my kid.


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I didn't hate these as a kid, but I think I disagree with it now. My dad had to work at an early age to help support his family. So he never made us get a job of any kind. Sounds nice but I had a problem keeping jobs.

My mom would do my homework for me. I don't think I need to explain how wrong that was. So I plan on doing things a little differently with my kids. Although I feel like it would be easier to do the damn homework myself I DON'T.


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That definiatly sounds like they had character lol

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My Mom told me that chocolate covered cherries were medicine. I didn't convince myself to eat one until I was about 30.
My dad used to chase me around with the red hot water bottle...I had it in my head that it was a naked turkey. It flopped like the thing on the mean old turkey's head outside.
Every time I got a candy bar as a mom would open it for me and take a HUGE bite, her reasoning was she was TESTING it to see if it was POISON.
There was a soybean field beside our house...growing up in the country. We have something here called gopher turtles. They dig a huge hole that a VW bug would fit in. I found that hole...and remembered my Daddy's made-up story about the Touraloura bug. I was convinced I had found the entrance to the Touraloura bug's home.
My dad pointed out that there is a bunny in the shadows of the moon. He told me he HIRED that drive the moon around and follow me. Imagine my embarassment when I explained this to the kids on the church bus...and they explained to me that the moon is NOT following ME around.
My parents told me "cute" lies...but sometimes I wish I had just gotten the truth..instead of their sense of humor.

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My mom would keep glow in the dark face paint all year round. She would put it on and stand in the light then throw a sheet over herself and walk downstairs to my bedroom moaning and makin noise... use to scare the crap outta me.

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I was TERRIFIED of thunderstorms. I remember one time my mom had a doctors appointment in one. I begged her not to go screaming and crying. I think I was about 7.

She went anyways and it's scarred me for life. To this day I am scared of them. Also they made me go to school when the sky was green. I threw a tantrum about that too. I was so scared, I mean absolutely horribly terrified. They basically laughed.

I remember being made fun of in school too. It was awful.

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I think the only thing is the trouble I had with my period as a teen. I used to experience incredible pain (as it turned out I had endometriosis, but I didn't find this our for MANY years). Anyway, I used to help manage my parents' school camp and horse trail ride business, and over summer, took 2 groups of riders out a day. But if I got my period, I had to "take a sickie". Honestly, it was so bloody painful I could barely get out of bed (I still get like that). My dad was really brown at me over it, and I remember how upset that made me feel. I just felt like he didn't understand my pain. And my mother didn't understand either, because it was a different pain that she had ever experienced (she has since told me that). I will never do that to my daughter if she experiences the same as I did, and I will 100% back her up.

Apart from that, I honestly can't think of anything :)

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