The Great Gas-by

Chelsea - posted on 01/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I'm new to this whole preemie baby thing, my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt another child instead of having our own (we already have our biological son who is now is 5). So about six months ago we were given a 9 month old baby that was extremely premature (29 weeks to be exact). We've had so many problems that we did not encounter with our son, like he is over a year old now and cannot walk yet. My question is: we just changed him to whole milk and he seems to have extremely painful gas at night (to the point he is screaming in pain and tensing his entire body up) and we've used every OTC gas medicine available HELP!!!


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Onetraeh - posted on 01/19/2014




well full term is 40 weeks so if he was only 29 weeks whn he was born thn he is technically 7 months & 3 weeks old & not a year;according to my math anyway!so I'm sure he is doing fine if he's not walking yet;have u tried vent air bottles?so he doesn't swallow air;I hope your baby feels better soon :(

Sarah - posted on 01/19/2014




I would try a different kind of milk.....He might have an allergy to cow's milk. You can do goats milk, soy milk, almond milk.

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