The handyman at my daughter's preschool weirded me out...

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I've been thinking about this short encounter the day my daughter and I went to her preschool to sign her up. She is standing/sitting on the bench slightly behind me while I'm talking to one of the staff behind the desk. Then an older almost elderly man stops to talk to my three year old. I didn't like it. Right now I'm reading Protecting the Gift by Gavin de Becker and he teaches to watch for the signs that are always there that dangerous people always give and to listen to your intuition. My intuition tells me the guy isn't right. Maybe I'm being mean but the way he smiled at her with his thin skin stretching away from huge teeth and the corners of his mouth looking like they stretched all the way back to his ears. He was right down on her level and seemed like only inches away from her face. Seemed almost like he wanted to devour her. He only looked at me and smiled for a moment. I've only seen him there one other time.
It's a good preschool I've had my other child attend over ten years ago. My daughter loves it. She loves school.
I'm thinking to ignore my feeling would be a stupid mistake. I don't know if I should talk to the school or just pull my daughter out and somehow (finding the money) put her in a new preschool.


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I think maybe just empower your daughter. Teach her not to let people touch her in certain places (bathing suit rule works well) Also on top of that teach her if anyone touches her in a way she does not like she can say no. Tell her her body is hers.

Let her know that she can always tell you. Do not teach her stranger danger type of thing because they think they only need to worry about stranger (although most predators know their victims) you know all the basic we teach our children how to protect them.

The reason I don't suggest you just move her is because there is always someone you need to worry about. She needs to know how to deal with situations on her own now and in the future.


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LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION! Always listen to your intuition. I am a 42 year old mother of 5. I can say with certainty that pretty much all of the problems I've had have come from not listening to my intuition. You may not get a second chance. I would speak with the school and see if they have run a background check on him before employment, if for no other reason than to try to protect the other children...because I would take my child out of there immediately. Your motherly intuition was given to you for the purpose of being able to protect your child...and it saw a problem. Once a child is molested, their lives are forever changed in bad ways. Don't listen to the naysayers. I can also say from experience that if your child is injured, and you realize you could have kept it from happening, your life will also be changed forever in bad ways. I speak from experience, and with the desire to keep any mom and child I can from having to suffer. She is your most precious gift on Earth...protect her with EVERYTHING you have.

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