The lying must stop

Nicole - posted on 07/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 9 yr old daughter, and I am completely sick of the lying and the absence mindedness. I am at my very last strand of sanity. I have tried all I can think of behind whoopins, punishment for weeks at a time, no trips, no tv, no free time, no sleep overs, talking to her so she understands why she is being punished and even asking family to talk to her to see if they have a better chance at sincerely reaching her. Nothing has helped. The most frustrating part is she does absolutely exceptional in school straight A student since kindergarten. The teachers love her, even every camp she attended nothing but raving reviews. While at home it I forgot this and I didn't know that or I thought u said or I didn't hear this. I though for a little while that I was being to hard on her, but when I talk to her it's very clear what the rules are and what's expected of her, she also states herself that the rules have remained the same for a few yrs now. I just need to talk to someone who understands because alot of my friends or family have either grown kids or preschool aged kids so they have no clue how I feel. Having a child so close to pre teen yrs in this day and age is hard. I got her a cell phone last year because she catches the school bus and they had an accident and I had no clue for up to an hr and a half later. So I got her a phone so she could always reach me, but she has lost it 3 times already. So of course Im thinking of taking it away but in all fairness it's not for her it's for me. With the way the world is right now anything can happen, so I need contact with her, but I also feel like I am rewarding non acceptable behavior. I'm so lost someone plz help..

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