The man that I have loved for 40 years and been married to for 26 years says he doesn't want to be married anymore. There is not another woman. It came out of left field and although I am and have been getting couseling, he has absolutely no desire to go to get us help. We have two children, ages 29 and 20. My 20 year old daughter is devastated. He seems to have little concern as to watch his family fall apart. My children can't help to support me and I do not bath mouth my husband. He asked me for a divorce this past January, but has still not taking any steps towards getting an attorney. I feel this is cruel. I will have to leave because I can't afford our home on my own. I am on disability and until I get half of his retirement and some financial help, I am stuck. It is not like he is mean to me. He acts the same except, he doesn't love me any more. My world is falling apart and honestly there have been times where I don't want to live anymore. I need advise as to help me get through this. I recently told him that this is extremely difficult still waiting and he seemed to understand but do nothing. I want my marriage and I am so in love with him. He has told me that it is inevitable that this is going to happen. I know other women have been through this and I desperately need as much as advice as possible. How do I get my self esteem back. I had a short marriage when I was 23 and it felt like a death. This feels worse. Please help me.


Ariana - posted on 11/07/2012




Wow that would be really hard to deal with!

I would definitely talk to a councellor by yourself. This is so much to work through and it's not like you can just bounce back from it right away. You need somebody who you can talk to in private and get all your feelings and emotions out with. It's terrible that this sort of thing is happening to you :(

Maybe you could get your husband to go to a mediator or councellor just to deal with the seperation? I mean if he's not even filing the divorce papers he's got some issues going on as well I bet. If not to get back together then at least to help the divorce go better.

It really is a difficult situation you're in, I wish I had the words to make you feel better.

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