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Our house seems to be the go to place for 5 kids in the neighborhood. I like it this way. We have some fun things to do and usually have some fun/healthy snacks. Usually they show up about 3 minutes after school bus drops them off. They all know that my 2 school aged kids have to do homework as soon as they get home. When they show up they are allowed to play out back or downstairs. I tell them they need to stay quiet until the kids are done with their work. Most of the time they are fine. Usually while they are waiting I will provide a snack of popcorn or pretzels or fruit.

I don't have a special time for dinner. Sometimes it is at 5:30 some times as late as 6:45. When dinner is almost ready I will let them know that we are going to have dinner and they have to leave. About 2 times a week I will cook extras for them to eat here. When cooking I do get the ohhhs and ahhhs and that smell good sounds. I feel bad that I send them home without feeding them. Often when they come back after dinner they will ask for food. ( when I say often I mean 6 out of 7 days) On weekends it's the same.

Now I would have no problems feeding these kids if I knew that food was scarce or non existent at home. But often I get down right upset when I get what seems constant requests for food. Best part is when I get totally ignored.

How do you all deal with the near constant request for food? How do you deal with the resentment? Got any stories to share?


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A friend of mine had a similar problem with another friend of ours. THis friend, Sue (fake name), would come over every day to eat with her 3 kids. My friend had her menu's planned for the month and usually had certain days for certain meals. It was fine once in a while but it got to be a habit after while and every time I was even over she would show with the kids and eat. It got to the point she would either wait for them to leave or tell them they had eaten already to get them to leave. It was hard for my friend to say no because she knew these kids did not get a good lot at home to eat.

If it was me and I knew the kids, I would be speaking to their parents and tell them that the kids hang at the house which is fine but it can not be expected by them or the kids that you provide evening meals during school week and other meals on weekends because it means you have to stretch it to feed your own family. My mom never fed the other kids full meals like that unless they were invited to have the meal. Most days she would have some sort of snack for me, my sis, and our couple of friends who lived on the farm to eat. But it was never a meal. The boys would hang out with us to have a snack and talk about school and then go home. We did homework etc after that. So the point is you should not have to provide them kids with meals like that. Its not your position to do so. Now if the kids were from a poor family I would offer it a couple times a week, but then again, that would be it. You can help a family out some of the time but to do it 6 or 7 days a week is a lot to ask of you. I think you need to speak to their parents about this behavior.

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