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OK let me just start out about how I met him .
I always thought of him as a hard working man so I ended up married with him we had a child a year later now to be 3 ok so I found out he has a child with a woman who I don't know but she knows everything about me I kept receiving the weirdest calls from this woman asking me how long I been with my husband I told her the truth so this woman had the nerve to say he has a kid with her n he needs to start doing his job as a father the little girl is 5 yrs old .
So this man being lying to me for the past years n has had the guts to tell me this I felt worthless I felt my whole perfect little family was falling apart ok so at dinner I ask him you know I received a call from your ex and is there anything you wanna tell me all the sudden this man gets aggressive loud starts yelling me who told you this and after a year knowing this and he hasn't seen her in 6 years I feel that I should let him see his daughter I don't know but again the other woman is a siko ***** I don't know what to please help.........


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You need to sit down and have a heart to heart with him without being accusing of him and ask him if it is true and if so why he did not bother to say something to you before you got married to him. If this is true, then there is not much you can say about it unless you want out of the marriage because if he is proven the father, he does have to give child support and try for visitation as is his right to. If you decide to stick it out and stay with him, support him. This child did not ask to be born and its not her fault that her mother waited to tell her father she existed.


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If this is his daughter... yes, of course he should start a relationship w/ her and help to raise her. That is the right thing to do for the child... and also for your child to know their sister.

Now... I'm not too sure by your posting if he didn't know about this child and she just now told him... or if he knew about the child all along. Either way it is NOT the child's fault and SHE has a right to a father.

Whether or not you stay with this man and try and make the relationship work is up to you... but both kids deserve a father in their lives, so if he is willing to BE that... he needs to be. If not... well, hopefully she takes him to court and starts getting financial support, at least.

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If paternity proves out, he owes that child the same thing that he owes yours: Support, love, and access.

Its your choice to remain in the relationship, but be prepared.

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Oh, and you have NO RIGHT to tell your husband that he cannot see his daughter. It is his child. You are not in charge of this situation.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/30/2014




Ok, first of all your husband is a liar, and a huge sneak. He also got aggressive with you when you addressed the situation.

Maybe the mother of this child is NOT the crazy one. It sounds like she is reaching out for help with his child. Guess what?? If this is his kid, your child has a sibling. So this is not just about your husband, this is about you and your child now also.

No family is perfect. If you feel like you want to talk to this women, go for it. Try to get to the truth. After all, this is your childs sister/brother.

And yeah, he should at least be paying child support. But, if he truly hasn't seen this women in 6 years (which I don't believe since he has been lying and hiding his child from you) then a paternity test is in order. First things first.

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