The Pacifier is a Nightmare....A Curse... I need to get rid of it?

Frances - posted on 12/18/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 and she is addicted to pacifier. Every since the twins came and now she is wanting it all the time the only thing is I took her to the dentist and her teeth are getting that u-shape to it. Suggestions on how to stop it.


Rebecca - posted on 12/18/2009




Take it away. She will cry yes and you will be sick of hearing her but she'll move past it. Take her out to buy a special gift. A stuffed animal a build-a-bear that she can dress up by herself and it can sleep with her at night. Or tell her to put it in her stocking for christmas and then take it out when she goes to bed and say Santa took it to bring to a baby somewhere in the world who needed would be cute:) If you would rahter do it slowly and let her throw it out herself cut the tip off slowly and it will lose it's suction and every night cut a bit more off until there is nothing left and she doens't want it any more. I have heard this works wonders. Both of my kids were off pacifiers when they could find there middle and ring fingers around 3 months and my son only used it 2 times i daughter on the other hand used it until about 2 months but she wont even suck on it anymore but i'm glad becasue once she learns to crawl she wont have the fingers in her mouth like she would a pacifier.
Keep your head up and don't give in. You are mommy so stay strong and she will get past it:)
Good luck!


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Karen - posted on 12/19/2009




She might be wanting to "babyfy" herself to be like her siblings especially if they are taking up a lot of your time. If your new babies are using dummies it will be more difficult for her to understand she can't have one. In all honesty I wouldnt use them for any baby but if that is your thing perhaps make a big deal of getting her something else, tell her its something special just for little girls who don't need a dummy anymore, like a new teddy or something along those lines?

Katherine - posted on 12/19/2009




You have to think about the fact she is adjusting to 2 new babies!!! Not a good time to take it away IMO. That's her security, she's still little and now you have 2 new ones. I would wait seriously.

Radhika - posted on 12/19/2009




I cut a very tiny hole on the tip of my son's pacifier. He could no longer suck on it. I told him that all pacifiers were made that way now. Since he couldn't get any satisfaction out of sucking it, he threw it away himself.

Jodi - posted on 12/19/2009




Well, with Santa coming next week, why not do what I did (although my daughter was a little older)? We made up a gift bag for Santa, and gave him all of the pacifiers and bottles, etc. I explained to my daughter that Santa likes them for his baby reindeer, and in exchange, leaves her an extra gift......she fell for it hook, line and sinker. We never looked back.

Nene J. - posted on 12/19/2009




Hide them! I am not lying. Amelia stuck when her binky like it was glued in her mouth. I threw them all out. After a while she realized they were gone and I'd give her some fruit or veggies to gnaw on. It's also a good way to get your kids healthy!

Jane - posted on 12/18/2009




I say take it cold turkey, it'll be rough on both of you for a few days but worth it in the end. My now 13 year old had his for way to long; he was past 3 but not 4 yet. I took it & he cried @ night real bad for the 1st couple nights but after that got over it. It was such a bad experience I took my now 8 month old pacifier away @ 3 months (thankfully he wasn't that into it anyway). The sooner you do it the better, it'll only get harder as time pasts. I kept making excuses like he's teething or he's moving to his toddler bed or I'm potty training. I should've never let go on that long but he was so attached I didn't want to deal w/ the fight he put up. If you want to do it more gentle maybe you can say Santa (if you do the Santa thing) is taking her pacifiers to babies that really need them or make up some sort of pacifier fairy & have her leave it then leave a gift she really wants or something. Good luck & stay strong!

Joan - posted on 12/18/2009




tell her the dentist said pacifiers are for babies. ask her if she is a baby? i did this with my daughter it worked. i told her it would be ok to cuddle with a stuffed toy if she needed comfort. she accepted this. my mother said she used to tell us the dog ate it.

good luck

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