The Pit Bull Puppy situation..

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You don't need to be afraid of pit bulls hurting children unless they are untrained which that is the humans fault not the pit bulls.. was the same thing with the Rottweiler and others.. it's also the same with other animals as well.. rats mice ferrets exc.. Animals are very sensitive to humans.. you show fear more than likely they'll catch on and get fearful as well.. Don't worry about the animal next door..don't forget humans are animals too.. and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way.. anyone who's taken biology will remember this... and if not it's a reminder. A good way to get over fears of animals is to do research on them.. watch tv shows about them.. example the Dog Whisperer, My Cat From Hell, those 2 shows alone can teach you how to handle behaviors.. and will also teach you that it's the human who has to change not just the animal... you change the animal will change.. simple as that.. If the human doesn't take responsibility to take care of the animal they have.. then they need to give it to someone who can.. My husband had a pit bull who was not only a therapy dog but also trained in doing things for him that he couldn't do..


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~That conversation has been closed for a long time now. If you would like to start a new conversation pertaining to being a pet owner go for it, but since this is a direct response to the other thread that was previously locked, I am now locking this one. Like I said, if you would like to start a conversation on a new topic concerning pets, and not direct it at any individuals but want a discussion, go for it.~

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