The site said i would recieve a free gift basket in the mail for registering but i never got any kind of confirmation about it after registering. How do i go about recieving my free basket???

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Community - posted on 03/11/2013




Hi Sarah,

Thanks for registering to Circle of Moms!

Circle of Moms does not offer gifts to members who sign up for accounts, nor have we ever done this in the past. I'm unaware of what you may have seen, but it was likely spam. If you see anything of this nature again, please feel free to share it with us so we can investigate it further. You can send any information to I'm sorry if this has caused any confusion but we're sure you will enjoy your time here.

The Circle of Moms team

Dove - posted on 03/09/2013




I don't know where you saw that, but it doesn't sound legit. Probably some scam planted on the site somehow.

Jodi - posted on 03/09/2013




Sorry Sarah, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have brought your question to the attention of CoM Management. Are you sure it wasn't just a CHANCE to win a gift basket? Personally, I haven't seen the offer, so I couldn't help you.

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