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The following information is about Jayden’s life and achievements.

The story of Jayden has touched so many lives during the past two and a half years and it definitely a story worth telling. Jayden a person with a small stature, but has an enormous personality that will touch your soul. Jayden was given the opportunity to give a message of Hope and Strength to the world.

Jayden was born on the 13-12-2001 in Pretoria West In 2004-2005 Jayden was doing advertisements for Jet Stores thought Kids on Camera and he attended pre-school at Bubble Trouble Pre-school from 2004 to 2006.He primary school career started in 2008 at Lynnwood Primary School grade 1. His achievements in his short school career were as follows. He obtained medals in Judo and was dashing athlete. He also received various diplomas for achieving in Literacy, Numeracy, Life skills and Merit awards in Discipline. He even received awards in hospital for being the bravest patient (all these awards in one year).

In September 2008 he became terminally ill and unfortunately he had to leave school.

The Cancer (Neuroblastoma Cancer)

Neuroblastoma is defined as Cancer that arises in immature nerve cells and affects mostly infants and children.

Jayden was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (bone marrow cancer) on the 14th July 2006. Neuroblastoma Cancer has four stages and when he was diagnosed, it was already at stage four, the last stage. Neuroblastoma arises from the sympathetic chain (a special group of nerves that run along side the entire spine) and adrenal gland. Therefore, a neuroblastoma can start anywhere or in the abdomen.

The Pretorius family was in terrible shock after the news was received and it was very traumatic to the whole family. Jayden at the age of four years, a normal child, hyperactive with dreams as any young child have been given the weekend for survival.

Jayden, education journey started in January 2006 at Bubble and Trouble Nursery until end of July 2006. Before his nursery years ended the followings achievements was reached by this unique little boy:
• Judo with the Pretoria Marital Arts;
• Advertisements with Kids on Camera for Jetstores

At an earlier age of four this little fighter had to start immediately with 100 chemotherapy sessions. Although, he had undertaken 100 chemotherapy sessions, the therapy sessions was unsuccessful and he had to undergo Radiotherapy for a week in December 2006.

After the radiotherapy in 2006 all was positive for this little man and he started his academic career at the Lynnwood Primary School, Grade 1, in 2007. He was hardworking, dedicated and commitment. Even though he was fighting the cancer, and yet enthusiastic to continue his school years, he did extremely well and succeed with the following achievements:
• Certificate in Best Behaviour;
• Certificate in Life Orientation
• B in Mathematics
• Certificate for the Bravest Patients
• Certificate from Sing from Africa

The Dream

One morning on our way to school, Jayden who loved listening to Luther Vandros ‘s song “Dance with my Father Again” and he knows all the words, said that his dream is to sing that song for me and make a CD, so that I can always remember him through that particular song” , Moira Pretorius (Jayden’s mother).

The Team

He is our own little rock-star and the reason for all his happening

Berdette van Zyl:
Mrs South Africa finalist 2007. She is the instigator and passion behind this project. She is the heart and soul of our team.

Jaques Kok:
Marketing Consultant for Montana Family Market. He is the facilitator and Coordinator

Ray Thomas,
Gifted performer and owner of Bobrary Productions. He is the creative and production wizard in our request. He also organised and coordinated towards our goal

Pretorius family:
They are supportive structure that makes this whole thing possible

They are the company making it possible for Jayden to give his message and gift to the world.

How it all came together

“After meeting little Jayden, a Reach for a Dream Child, on Sunday 15 July 2007 at a Celebrity cook-out, (in aid of Reach for a Dream) , I just knew that our meeting was no co-incident . Jayden was selected to be on our Team to help prepare food dish. We received a basket with special ingredients and with that we had to cook a meal within a certain time. I was curious to know what Jayden’s medical condition was, as he was only 5 years old and should have his whole life to look forward to “ , Berdette van Zyl.

Berdette had a discussion with Moira (Jayden’s Mom) about his condition and the dream Jayden has to sing for his mom came up. “She did not need to say anything more. We want to touch Jayden’s life and decided to do everything in our power to make his dream come true.” Bredette van Zyl.

Bredette contacted Jaques Kok and Montana Family Market who has various contacts through the artists and people in the music industry. “I had few people that I could ask but I knew that Ray was our man and I contacted him moments after speaking to Bredette” Jaques Kok.

Jaques contacted Ray Thomas of Bobray Productions with regard to Jayden’s Dream. Without hesitation Ray agreed to a meeting. The meeting was held with the family, Ray, Berdette and Jaques. Every person in the meeting immediately shared the same vision and passion for this project and was unified in the same purpose. The recording session was scheduled with Bobray Productions and just like that the dream was realised. The recording went well and Jayden has his own special song that has touched so many lives by now.

The public response has been so good that we decided to share this song with the rest of the world. The person instrumental in bringing little Jayden into the public eye was Derrich Gardner from RSG. “My phone was ringing all the time and it really inspired me to see that so many people still care for each other. Some people only phoned to give advice and encouragement. I was astounded”. Jaques Kok.

No time was wasted and Ray set-up a meeting with Vonk distributors who were interested in releasing this CD. It was decided then and there that a compilation CD will be released with Jayden’s song and a few other South African artists. The CD will be available at the end of September and will be on the shelves of normal CD retail stores.


This is a great platform to bring Jayden’s message to the world. This is not only a message of hope, strength and courage but also one of awareness. Cancer is affecting more lives each year and it is important to make people aware of Cancer and what it can do.

But the important message in this story is your dreams. You have to follow your dreams, no matter how old or how healthy you are. Life is too short and you have to pursue your dreams and passion otherwise it is going to pursue

Message from Mom, Dad, Sister and Brothers:

Jayden is missed so dearly by his family and friends. His warm smile, his own-whetted behaviour, is love for life, hugs and kisses and just having him around each and everyday of our lives…

Jayden: Die sonstraal van hoop!
Ek het lank gedink oor ‘n boodskap wat gaan verduidelik watter impak Jayden op onse lewens gemaak het, maar dis die beste beskryf deur te se hy was die sonstraal van hoop. Sy onvergeetlike en onskuldige glimlag sal by ons almal bly en die boodskap wat hy voor mense se lewens beinvloed het vir ‘n lang tyd.

In die eerste paar jare toe ons hierdie seening ontvang het, kon ons sien hy was baie spesiaal en hy was hier gestuur vir ‘n rede. Ons kan met eerlikheid se hy het onse lewe verander! Ons het gesien watter hoop hy bring vir ons en ander mense en hoe almal wat hy aanraak verander word. Vir my as sy moeder het het hy my gewys dat lewe kosbaar is end at mens elke dag moet lewe in die meest gemaak van enige uitdaging, maar die grootste geskenk wat hy vir my gegee het was sy liefde, hy het my hart oopgemaak. Die sonstraal van hoop! Jayden was ‘n sonstraal wat die donkerste hoeke lig gemaak het. Hy het liefde en hoop uitgestraal en het so baie die nodige energie gegee. Die hoop wat ht vir ons gebring het was seen van lewe en liefde. So lewe elke dag en lewe met liefde.

Many Thanks
Moira Pretorius


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MOIRA - posted on 01/24/2014




Many Thanks for you feedback you can call Vonk our I also still have of the CD's.

Gena - posted on 01/24/2014




This gave me goosebumps and i had to swallow a couple of times..My sister died at the age of ten because of cancer,what gave me chills is that the song "Dance with my father again" from Luther Vandros is one of my dads favorit songs! Thank you for sharing the story of your little big fighter Jayden! Jayden you are in a better place now,flying with the angels and my sister!
Moira,will the cd be available in all cd stores everywhere in SA?

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