The Total Transformation?

Danielle - posted on 03/03/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Has anyone tried The Total Transformation for behavior modification in a toddler? I'm considering it for my 4-year-old, but it's expensive, and I would like to hear from anyone that's used it. Thanks!


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Ev - posted on 02/09/2016




Kakkalake--That medication is given for kids with specific issues not just to calm them down and make them behave.

Actually, Danielle, you could look up places in your area that offer parenting classes to get some ideas on how to discipline your child in such ways as to help with their behavior. Otherwise, you need to start setting rules that you can add to as they get older with consequences that fit what the rule broken is. It has to be consistent and done each and every time. Its hard to parent but that is what we parents are here for. I have two grown adult children and I did not use "professional advice" from books or programs. I did read one book written by a man who was also a parent when he wrote the book. It is called "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson. He is a psychiatrist who specialized in children and families. He also had a show that broadcast on radio stations across the nation called Focus on the Family. He would have guest speakers that covered all aspects of family life including discipline. It might do you some good to check into that.

Stacie - posted on 09/08/2012




I know this is old, but you can read reviews for this product on Amazon - it appears that people either love it or hate it. Also, there have been lots of complaints from people who order from their radio ad - reports of multiple charges on credit cards, confusion about refunds, etc. - so read the fine print!

Johnny - posted on 03/03/2012




I would be cautious and try to find some TRULY unbiased reviews. I searched very hard to see what I could find and every single link I found for "reviews" of this program were really paid advertising with links to the website where I could buy the program. I could only find a couple of blogs where people said that they thought it was just a scam.

However, I could find not one parent who had actually used it and reviewed it negatively. Which could mean that it is all it is cracked up to be, or that the program spends a lot of time and money on Google maximization (making their program look great for the casual searcher). Any time I can't find anyone saying negative things except a couple people suggesting it is likely a scam, it makes me nervous.

If I were you, I would proceed with caution and attempt some other cheaper approaches before giving this all that much money. To me, it sounds like it is mainly enforcing parental consistency, and you can do that for free. Good luck!

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