They all do it on their own time

Amber - posted on 05/25/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I always researched online when to get my baby to sleep. Why won't she sleep through he night. When do they stop nursing? Can she fall asleep on their own without nursing? Am I creating bad habits by nursing to sleep.

My answer: they all do it on their own time.

My 17 month old slept 6 hours then up at 3 for nighttime nursing up until she was 3 months. Actually the day after she started daycare she started waking up every hour, two hours, sometimes longer. She got teeth at four months. I thought maybe that was it. Then we went on vacation. She just about slept through the night. I think she woke up once again. I thought. Hmmmm maybe she has been cold -because it was really warm where we stayed.

We got home and she was on her normal schedule. Sometime around 13 months she didn't wake up at night at all for one week straight. Nothing changed. I thought maybe inbetween teething. Then about 16 months. Another week of no waking up. Then back got the new schedule. I did notice new teeth this time.

Anyhow. She went through a rough patch where she was getting up after an hour of being put down. I ended up bringing her in bed with me. She seemed to sleep better that way. Now we are 17 months, still nursing to bed and sleeping through the night.

I think they just do it all on their own in their. Own time. Each kid is different. Just give them as much love as you can and enjoy them while they are little.

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