They come back home few times during the weekend with their father

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I got divorced four years ago. The children get to see their father whenever they want to, however, in general they spend 2 weekends in the month with him. My problem is that every time they go away for the weekend they come back home at least once. It is always something like: I forgot the laptop, I need to pick up the clothes etc. etc. This means that I can't organize anything because I'm not sure they won't just appear at the door. To be honest, it is not a problem, I spend most of my time alone at home anyway, but I am really pissed off that he is using the children to stop me from having a private life. What would you do in this situation?


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I agree with Evelyn, just have everything ready for them before they go.
I assume since you got divorced 4 years ago the children are at least 4 years old. Sit down with them and make a checklist for each kid. Ask them what items they need for their weekends away and fill in the items they forget and explain why they will/might need those items. Then, write or type the list out for each kid, put it in a frame, and hang it right by the area where they need to have their stuff gathered and set aside. The night before dad is to pick them up, go through the checklist and mark each item off with a dry erase marker as you see it set aside or packed.
This way, you know they have everything they really need.


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Sounds to me like the kids are a bit older than at least 4...if they're claiming to have forgotten things like laptops, etc...

Get them a house key and tell their father that he's not allowed indoors. Go on with your life.

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If you have the kids' things ready at the door to go for the weekend, tell their dad that its all there and there is no reason for him to come back to the house until the end of the weekend. Tell him if he needs something to call you first to see if he can come get it. He has no right to do this to you. And also, tell your kids to make sure they have the things they can not live without already to go so there is no trips back to the house for it. I would also ask him why he keeps coming around all the time when he has his weekends with the kids for whatever reason. Tell him you two are divorced and what he does with his time is his business and what you do with yours is your business.

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