They do not know how it feels to raise a child with postpartum depress

Latisha - posted on 09/17/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Question why is that I work so hard to get SSI for my son and now that I got approved they put it in a dedicated account and told me that is only used for medicine, wheelchair, special impairment stuff and my son is nowhere near those things he was diagnosed with depression stressful traumatic situation even though his monthly paid the bills but what happened when he needs something that's an emergency. Food clothes I have to wait until the first. I gotta write a letter to someone to get permission to get the money out the bank
Thats crazy.



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Dove - posted on 09/17/2015




That's basically what SSI for kids is for... it's not income for you. It's for things they need for their medical conditions. If you need to spend the money on other things.. you have to get permission for it. That's not crazy. That's what it is...

And no, it's impossible for your child to have postpartum depression... because I highly doubt he's ever been pregnant and given birth. Depression and anxiety? Yes... but postpartum depression? No.

You should probably just be thankful that he was approved for SSI in the first place because that's not an easy thing to be granted.

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