They want to pull his teeth!

Keilly - posted on 02/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son Brayden turned two in December! Recently i have noticed that his top two front teeth look as though they are decaying, or rotting, the enamel looks to be wearing off. He takes a cup to bed every night with soy milk (hes lactose intolerant) or sugar free juice. I took him to see a dentist who referred him to a pediatric dentist who said that he has bottle mouth from his sippy cup and wants to pull his top four teeth. I feel so horrible that i have let this happen. I brush his teeth everyday, how could this happen? i need advice on whether i should get a second opinion or just let the dentist do what he wants to do. He has OHMS for health insurance so going to other dentists are limited. suggestions?


Gena - posted on 02/07/2014




Well i am not a dentist,but i think maybe a second oppinion would be good.Maybe a different dentist would do something else,so it could maybe help.If they also say they would pull the teeth i guess thats what they will have to do.Shame,i can imagine how you feel..Hope all goes well and wish you and your son good luck.

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