Things I've Learned from Motherhood

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Things I’ve Learned from Motherhood
By Anne De Jesus Portugal

1. Being a mom does not mean being perfect.

2. To fully appreciate your children, you must first appreciate yourself and the hardwork you put in raising them.

3. Only a chosen few survive breastfeeding.

4. We are our children’s hero but sometimes, we need some saving too.

5. Our children will make mistakes. Guide them, do not crucify them.

6. Mess is best rather than clean and stressed.

7. Despite wanting to give your children everything, you are not everything they will need.

8. When your child falls and hits his head, do not panic. Evaluate first. And then panic.

9. The perfect body doesn’t mean slim and sexy. It simply means being healthy enough to take care of your children at least until they are ready to take care of themselves.

10. Getting them to eat is hard labor.

11. So is putting them to sleep.

12. When you’re a mom, you do not reach the end. You give and give and then give some more.

13. Unless it’s food then that’s debatable.

14. Patience must be replenished every waking day.

15. In order to wake up, we must sleep.

16. Our children will stray away and play but at the end of the day, guess whose name they will say?

17. We never get tired of smelling our children… after their bath.

18. Being punctual (or late) depends on when the baby’s poop is gonna come out.

19. When you lay your head on their little chest to feel their heartbeat, you’d swear to do everything possible to protect them.

20. You will get angry at your children for a lot of reasons. You will shout at them, scold them and even punish them. But at the end of the day, you will be the one who will love them forever and they will love you just the same.


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