think im pregnant

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hey, im so new to this whole pregnancy thing, i just want to know how soon is to soon to do a pregnancy test, if ive worked it out right i should be over 2 weeks n 4 days,please help


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I would talk with your doc about different options for B/C. Lord knows there's enough varieties of the Pill out there, each with their own different side effects. There's hundreds of different factors in choosing B/C. Condoms are definitely helpful! LOL.


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You can take a test as soon as you miss your period. I took a test 5 days before my missed period and got a positive result. Good luck!

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yeah my boyfriend wants me to take a test tonight, see what it is then if neg ill wait n see if my period comes and then if not ill do another test. not planning on having a baby but if it happens it happens.. i think its time to use condoms all the time.

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I'd wait the three days just to be on the safe side. Try to relax. I know it's not easy. The Pill is essentially synthetic hormones, and your body may be reacting to the loss of the "control" the Pill brings. Some people recommend waiting at least a month before trying to get pregnant after going off the Pill, to give their body a chance to regulate itself. Stress can also be a factor in your cycle, some women I know skip several months if they're too stressed. On a personal note, my oldest thought she was pregnant at 15, she was only 3 days late when we started the home test thing... a week later her period started (to our GREAT relief).

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i was meant to get my period on the 20th of this month so its 4 days over normal is on time all the time, i went off the pill about 4 weeks ago cos was making me feel unwell n put weigh on,

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Well, most doctors will date the pregnancy from the last menstrual cycle, not from when you last had sex in the "danger zone" two weeks before your next cycle. There's a lot of pregnancy tests out there now that will let you test up to 5 days before your next cycle is due, but I wouldn't trust them, unless your cycle is BANG ON TIME every month. Though the wait is agonizing, I'd wait until you're at least a week late.

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