Thinking of having an abortion , just go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center for help..

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Thinking of having an abortion , just go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center for help..

Actually I would strongly NOT advise going to a CPC ( Crisis Pregnancy Center) I believe they are just horrible , deceitful and should really be illegal. At least knowingly giving out false and purposely misleading "information" should be illegal.

What do you think?

Would you donate money to a CPC?

Would you use one or advise a friend to use one? if yes then why?


more information ( I copied information from 2 different sources , the info directly below is from this first link and a second link is further below -

Today, there are CPCs in every state and dozens of countries overseas.5 Many are supported by one of three major umbrella organizations: the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

(NIFLA), Care Net, and Heartbeat International.

a young mother of two tells a CPC counselor that she is considering abortion because her boyfriend is abusive and she needs to do

what is best for her children. The counselor protests, arguing “for all you know, the baby changes him.” 36 - Suggesting a woman remain in an abusive relationship reveals that, to this counselor, women’s health and safety are hardly even afterthoughts.

While CPCs may falsely suggest that they provide a full range of reproductive-health services, they clearly do not. Some centers do not have any medically trained or medically supervised personnel on staff at all.16

The report found that 87 percent of these CPCs provided either false or misleading information about the health effects of abortion. Specifically, several center employees told the women that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, despite the overwhelming medical consensus that no such link exists

In 2002, then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer issued subpoenas to a number of CPCs based on concerns that their advertising and business practices could lead women to believe that the centers provided medical services—

e crisis pregnancy center movement and its supporters have furthered their efforts by seeking—and often receiving—state or federal funding.

(Info below was found in this site - )

Crisis pregnancy centers bully, lie and intimidate women out of receiving abortions. They masquerade as medical clinics but operate as unregulated centers funded and run by religious organizations OPPOSED TO BOTH abortion and CONTRACEPTION .

While the U.S. House is trying to prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal dollars, other legislation pending in the House — albeit quietly — would direct taxpayer money to crisis pregnancy centers,

No matter your opinion on abortion, most would agree that all people deserve to get medically-accurate information about their own bodies.

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hey i need help from moms im 14 years old and dont see my mom much i really need some one to help me through a situation please respond back really need help.

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LOL , I didn't mean to be on the train. I was actually thinking of posting something about rape and the way women dress. But then somehow something popped up during a search on rape statistics , about CPC's and I thought ahh to hell with it , I'll post about this since . The abortion post seems to be fizzling out anyway.

CPC's use tested manipulations on these girls who are often young , scared and not that informed about such things as the supposed breast cancer link to abortion. Also many believe they are going to a medical clinic because of the way the CPC's advertise - I think possibly NY has made a law about this to help stop some of the confusion between an actual clinic and a CPC.. I'm not certain about it though or what it covers.

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WOWZA! You are really on the abortion train here aren't you!

Well, I feel that if someone can be "bullied" into something, that is really what they did or did not want to do in the first place.

Education is the key to anything.

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