This economy is killing my son's chances of getting a job, plus no one wants to take a chance on him.

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My son was diagnosed with PDD at age 9 w/OCD, ADD, anxiety, and depression. He's been seeing a psychiatrist since the initial diagnosis and has been on meds the entire time. At an early age, he was mute, only speaking at home. He wouldn't answer teacher's questions, and could not complete his assignments. I initially had him tested at age 6 and I was told that the only classroom that was available was for children with severe behavior problems. They would have devoured him. Throughout school he was bullied, yet the students acknowledged that he was smart and at least gave him that. He graduated from college with a degree in biology. I sent him to a college that had a program for children with Learning Disabilities. He was tested his senior year in high school and was found to have a reading handicap because he processed everything so slowly. He's had problems all of his life in handing in assignments, etc. I was proactive when he was in elementary and high school, and educated the teachers about his needs so that they would speak directly to him and point out where assignments were to be handed in, etc. He didn't usually generalize that the teacher was also speaking to him when she gave him directions. I worry that he may have problems with a job if someone does not train him well. He catches on quickly, but doesn't always ask questions; he's afraid they'll think he's dumb. His social skills are not good. He knows people, but doesn't have friends. He's not motivated to call people, ask someone to do something. He won't initiate any contact with people. He has no life outside of home. He's helpful at home, helps out usually when asked. He is a know-it-all. Does not easily take directions from me, but will from his doctors, teachers, bosses, etc. He'll be 30 in a couple of months, yet I feel like he's about 12 socially. How can I motivate him? He wants more out of life, but is easily hurt and gives up easily. He refuses to work in fast food. He's tried to get hired at stores like Home Depot, Target, etc. with no success. Most job requirements in his field of biology require years of experience. He can't get it. What can I do?


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Maybe talk to your local DHS office (or try to have him do it). They may be able to point you in the direction of a job training program that can help him work w/ his disabilities.

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