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David - posted on 09/02/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




PLEASE don't think I'm invading your site. I'm a social work counsellor and CEO of a small charity, but for the life of me I am having a Dickens of a time with my own personal life (kinda like a doctor who smokes?). This site was an accidental google on my part, but the quality kept me browsing....

I read quite a bit on here about women picking the wrong particular, men who won't accept their children as part of the "package". Rightly so, but my interest is....

I am a mid-fifties man who seems, on paper, to be what many women would at least consider. I am thin but in shape, not ruggedly handsome but apparently decent (I get "cute" at lot), friendly, great communicator, intelligent, even tempered/never yell, other-centred, romantic, generous (but I know the value of a dollar....even compared to the American!), humorous, have all my own hair, have a full time and a part time job, I'm no couch potato - although my favorite activity is cuddling on a couch with popcorn - oh, and WITH someone special - old school manners, a house, I drive......and I love kids/expect them to be included in most activities, unless mom needs alone time. question is.... after YEARS on dating sites, I read things that are similar to that written here....yet I remain single. It seems that, while women want the above qualities, and so they should, they haven't come to terms with past heartaches, or are preoccupied with those that are rich or powerful or young or buffed. Not that men aren't...and I acknowledge chemistry.... but is there ANY advice that can be offered so that I may meet someone of quality ....there seems to be a plethora on sites like this ....

Is the only answer to just keep trying? Or do I need to go to the gym even more, if one is honest.....?

Thank you for letting me take the risk by asking,

Toronto guy (Dave, if you must know)

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