This is gna seem weird but I need some advice on tackling my x girlfriend

Rhys - posted on 12/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey guys this is bit weird was looking on the net for some advice as my x girlfriend. I know this is a single mum's sight but I thought this be probably best place get some answers. Basically my x is being really sour and using my little boy against me. Didn't think she would do it but yea I'll carry on, Cut down all my hours with him for no reason and says no you can only have him for the afternoon after being in a routine of Friday till Sunday then friday till sat and so on which I was reasonable happy with but not 100% and this went on for about a year. My lil boy bless him keeps telling me daddy I want to live with you, which breaks my heart as there is nothing I can do but bite my tounge and wait till he's old enough to legally say for himself. Sometimes he gets upset and won't really talk to me on journey home when I say I gotta take you home. Im sick and tired being made the bad 1 here yea I ain't no Angel but son is my life, it's crazy how much power u get from havin children. Im currently in process of starting mediation which she is not comfortable about but tbh I don't really give a fuk what she's not comfortable about because she Is making me and my son's life very difficult and comfortable. I have mentioned court and am willing to go with this as I know I have done everything that I can do and feel like I'm seriously running out of options which mean I lose out on more time with him. Im sorry all you single dads out the run from there kids are fuking idiots. Do you realise what you are doing. No wonder why some US get fuked my CSA coz all you guys who run from your kids whilst left all to the mother. Then there's some of us father's who are trying everything in the power to see the kids have no rights. I am sorry for the rant it's nearly 6 in morning and I can't sleep. Really winding me up.


Onetraeh - posted on 12/14/2013




this is a moms site;not all single.wht did u do to your ex girlfriend?is she upset with u for any reason such as u leaving her or perhaps u cheated on her & tht's why u broke up?I'm not saying it's right but it's possible she may be expressing her hurt feelings in anyway she can such as through your relationship with your son;basically she's trying to hurt u's not right becuz no child should be deprived of their father but a lot of women do this.if it was me idk if I could be the bigger person either;in any case try telling her your feelings on it & tell her u love your son.whtever did happen in your relationship try & offer some closure on it becuz maybe tht's her issue;do u by chance have a new woman tht's a recent development?becuz tht should be an obvious coincidence.I think if u show her respect in anyway u can thn it will get better for u;also some advice for the future idk how old u r but be careful who u make babies with!try for the next time to be with your wife or a lady u can see a long future with;babies r forever

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