This is my first time having a baby girl and i have so many questions I hope there not dumb but can someone tell me wat to do or even if its NORMAL for baby to cry during the day and just want to be held it makes it hard for me to get things done around the house cuss of course she wants me to pay attention to her and her needs it brakes my heart to see her cry so of course i go running i know she is teeting and she is about to be 6 months but after i try using all methods to calm her down she still dont want me to put her dont wat do i do or its that a normal thing?????


Denikka - posted on 11/27/2012




I would say that it's normal, especially if she's teething.

What you can do is try a baby carrier or a sling. If she wants to be held all the time, why not? That way you still have your hands free to do other things, and she gets the comfort she's needing :)

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