This is my support group for my constantly sick kids ;(

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My 15 month old daughter has been sick since Christmas. She went to ped on dec 27th. She was given augmentin for a sinus infection. Was on it for 10 days, seemed to improve but as soon as she finished it, it came back with a vengeance. Went back to doc, another 10 day round of same anti biotic but by day 7 I called doc back to say she was no better. Obviously it wasn't working for her.

So doc put her on a diff anti biotic but her breathing them became an issue. She's on a daily steroid inhaler and she got so bad that I ended up taking to her to ER for breathing troubles. They treated her with oral steroids and a breathing treatment. She did improve but now -a mere week and a half later she has a 103.9 degree fever and her nose is running again. Argh! She literally has not been well for almost 2 months now. I am so incredibly frustrated and can not believe that we are going back to the doc Monday. I suspect ear infection as that was one of her latest diagnosis coupled with sinus infection and bronchiolitis. This is #4 and I already have an appointment with an ENT in early April. We've even seen a pulmonologist for her lung issues.

What else is there that I can do for her?? Help! I'm a huge mess right now...


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Thanks for your support Katherine. We do have a humidifier going in her room and we have tried the cool air trick-unfortunately my 4 year old son has had 2 rounds of croup this season too so we knew that one may be worth trying. The allergist thing may be something to explore but my pediatrician has told me that se is too young still to have allergies to anything. ????

How scary that your daughter swelled up like that. I would be so scared. Good luck with your Future is its and I hope u see some positive progress. Thanks again for your support :)

Katherine - posted on 02/11/2012




When she is having trouble breathing take her outside in the cool air, it opens up the airway. Also do a cool mist humidifier in her room. Elevate her head with something underneath her mattress, like a rolled up towel.

My daughter just got over the flu, 5th's disease and bronchitis, so I totally know where you're coming from. It's very frustrating. Her hands swelled up and she had a rash from her neck all the way down her back. All anyone could tell me was that it was viral.

I am taking her to an allergist to have a panel done. You may want to try that too. She might be allergic to something.

Hope this helps!

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