This question is for the moms with teenage daughters...

Shannon - posted on 10/19/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




What is a good age for girls to start regularly going to the OB/GYN? Whether they are sexually active or not I think it's important to learn about abstinence or how to stay safe and things to worry about such as vaginal infections, pregnancy and STDs. My mother took me to the OB/GYN when I was 16 to get on birth control to regulate my periods and make my cramps less severe because they were really bad to where I was barely functional and couldn't go to school. My sister in law is 16 and her cramps are the same way and her periods are also irregular but her mother thinks she is too young to go the the OB/GYN and won't let her go. Is this wrong? Should my sister in law go anyway without telling her mom? She came to me for advice and I'm not sure what to tell her. I'm 21 and have an 8 month old son so I just wanted to get an idea of what mother's with daughters would do or have done. Thanks.


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2 17 yr old is on BC. I put her on BC last year at age 16,because her periods were killing me! LOL She missed LOTS of school and felt terrible every month. I also suspected she was sexually active after dating the same boy for about 5 months. I was not ready for being a grandparent and she is not ready for motherhood. It makes sense. While we ALL want our kids to wait, I also am smart enough to know, it's probably unrealistic. At 16, she can go to a free clinic and get BC for heself and it will be completely private and free. 2 of my daughters friends went. Be aware, that there is an exam, and make sure she knows about the details of those exams before she goes.

Hope it all works out.


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Wendy - posted on 10/20/2009




when i was 16 i went to obgyn to get regulated on birth control pills and it was great for me because i always had problems getting my period ,16 is a good age to startseeing a doctor,thats when i took my daughter to see why she hasnt gotten her period onlt to find out that her cervix was completely closed ,sealed off so she couldnt get a period .she went in for surgery to fix this problem but luckily i took her when i did,she also had a cyst on her ovary,so I would say 16 is a good age to start with obgyn.

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In response to the question and the answer... My youngest daughter is now 17 the oldest is now 20, I took them in to the OB/GYN and made sure that the doctor knew that they were still not sexually active, (i did it the first time at 15), the doctor respected that and did not do a vaginal exam, but because the youngest had PCOS, they did start her on birth control for the Cysts. Every girl out there needs to see the doctor, We discovered that she had PCOS when she was 15, and now with BC pills and diet she is controlling the pain and the problem, but had we not taken her till later it could have been much worse. Anyways, I got lost for a sec, she doesnt have to have the exam if she is not ready for it and if they are a good doctor, they wont want her to until she becomes sexually active.

Samantha - posted on 10/19/2009




I don't have a teenage daughter but I do have to little girls and a younger sister and I honestly think that if a girl is grown up enough to ASK to go to the ob/gyn that they are old enough to go! The more educated and prepared girls are the better they will be able to handle thenselves in certain situations.

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