This thread may have been done before, but what is your hugest pet peeve, what erks you the most besides parenting issues?


Hope - posted on 09/13/2011




Besides things about others parenting skills like children running wild, But what other things really drive you insane!

1) People chewing gum like a cow chewing cud, YUCK!!
2) People who feed pets at the table, they let their dogs beg at the table, that is just really bad manners.
3) Farting or burping at the table, instead of getting up and walking into another room at least. Yes I've had incidents where they kind of snuck out before I had a chance to get up, But anyhow, that is just many of my pet peeves, I have more than that but it would take too much to read and type. Share your pet peeves love to hear them.

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