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Jodi - posted on 01/09/2015




I must admit, I struggled with it too. Between the lack of punctuation and the anger that exuded from the post, all I saw was hatred for a poor, innocent child and concern about how it was inconvenient for you, how tiresome it is to look after him appropriately and how it was embarrassing you because the child was neglected and unhygienic.

If this child is so badly neglected, why are you and your husband not doing something about your husband getting full custody? You yelling and screaming and fighting with your husband is not helping. Why is there no adult in this child's life actually DOING something to HELP the child, rather than just shoving him from place to place like he is some kind of inconvenience? Why the hell ISN'T someone calling child protection? Why didn't you or your husband do that 2 years ago? Is there ANYONE in this child's life who cares about him?

Sorry, but your entire post made me angry on behalf of this poor child. He is the one person in this entire scenario who deserves better.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/09/2015




couldn't even finish reading for lack of punctuation and paragraphs, but...

Bottom line. Husband has a kid, obviously its been proven with a test. Take her to court for full custody and have done with it.

short fling or not, a kid resulted. Of course your hubby got in trouble for neglect, if he wasn't reporting her drug use, etc, and allowing the kid to go back into her care! He's the other parent, and one of them, one way or another, needs to protect that kid!

So, if he doesn't want to take care of the kid, either, then dump the kid at a local emergency center, relinquish all rights and turn him over to the state.

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Curi - posted on 01/09/2015




i think you misunderstood that, i never said i didnt care if he sees the kid again. i get on my husband ass to make sure we see the kid so he gets the proper care he needs, because i know that if he doesnt come thats one more week or two that he doesnt get a bath or basic needs. and yes she was getting drug tested, she will be clean for a month or two and then she will be dirty, and then there are reports that she will be "difficult to find" i assume in order to make sure she is clean for the test.
i am trying to figure out if i should continue to be on his ass to make sure we keep this kid somewhat in a normal environment so he gets some sort of care or should i let him do what he wants. we have been flexible over and over and she just comes up with other excuses why he cant come this weekend. there have been months we didnt see him cause of one reason or another and after finding out he doesnt get care is why i tell my husband to stop being flexible for her benefit. the court system told him he couldnt get custody because the case was still open to see if she was fit or not, and she got custody back in december. i dont know why she got it back nor do i want to see the kid suffer. i said above i care about the kid even though he is not mine he doesnt deserve the neglect and i feel that if we dont put our foot down and make sure we see him that we will end up not seeing him and that we will get introuble again for his neglect even though we did not originally know about it. plus i dont like seeing him like that anyway. no kid should have all his teeth capped as a 9 year old cause of bad hygiene, its not his fault either. i feel bad for him and want him to have a better life atleast every other weekend. so do i keep on my husbands butt or do i let him make his own choices to let her take the kid away from him again.

sorry for my language i wrote this in the heat of the moment. i was mad at this situation and i only get free lipped when i am writing and mad. i ususally wouldnt be like this in person.

Jodi - posted on 01/09/2015




Wow. I don't even know where to start. I think I will walk away for a bit before giving my view on this incredibly toxic situation (and you ARE part of the problem...and you have a VERY potty mouth).

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