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I am a first time mom and my child is 8 months old. My grandmother watches my baby while I am working. My baby started crawling at the end of her 6 month or beginning of her 7 month. My grandmother had mentioned that she pops the baby's hand when she gets into things that she doesn't need to be in. I quit my job for a week now and since I have been at home I have tried this method if my baby gets ahold of things she doesn't need to mess with. I have realized that I do not like this method and it seems ineffective. I prefer to just move her and give her a toy. After researching this topic it worries me that children who are popped tend to give up on tasks more easily in the long run. With this brief explantion, my concern or question is...Do you think if I stop popping her hands now, at 8 months old , will she still face these negative effects in the long run?


Dove - posted on 07/04/2016




Not likely. I would let your grandmother know she is not to ever pop the baby... in fact if I found out that she was doing that she would no longer be alone w/ my child until I thought I could trust her.

I did the hand popping thing one day around 8/9 months old w/ my VERY determined twins. I will fully admit that I did it over and over and over again (only on this one day) before I realized how completely pointless it was... and I finally just rearranged what they were getting into, so that they couldn't get into it anymore. They are 14.5 years old now... and perfectly OK from that experience. They are actually unstoppable adventurers. ♥

Now that you have done the research... just make sure that your actions have changed... and she'll be fine.

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