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My daughters teachers are wanting me to have my daughter tested for ADHD. I have many concerns. Of them, are there any stigma or effects that follow a child after they have been diagnosed? Do any of you have children that are or have been diagnosed and on the medication? What are the pros or cons? I would love to hear both sides of the argument. Thanks.


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I was diagnosed with it at 10. I could sit still just fine in class; but I couldn't concentrate well and got distracted easily. I basically knew the information but had an extremely hard time remembering it and getting it on paper. I did have some issues with impulse control as well.

The meds didn't help with the impulse control that was something that I had to learn to control on my own. I only took meds while going to school, so none on the weekend or in the summer.

My parents didn't let me use the diagnoses to be lazy or to get away with things. It just ment that I had to work harder to get good grades (meds did help with that a lot in fact). Also my teachers didn't know about the diagnoses (really there wasn't a need for them to know). Although despite what my parents did JuLeah is correct a lot of parents and children use it as an excuse. If you decide to get the evaluation, don't let her use it to be lazy or to get away with things.

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Learn the law. Your daughter's teachers are not actually allowed to say that to you.

You could have your daughter tested, and without ever having met her, I will tell you that she will be labeled.

That doesn't mean she is actually struggling with ADHD, just that we over label and are med happy

I was a special ed teacher - so many many kids who carried that label, so few that actually had the condition

The biggest issue to follow a label that I observed was a built in excuse: "I would have done my homework by I have ADHD"

Kids with this label are taught the behaviors are acceptable and there is nothing they can do about them except take drugs - and blame the drugs if the behaviors are still a problem for people

So, not sure what behaviors exactly you are looking at here. Many behaviors are actually normal kid behaviors, but in a controlled setting (8hr in a classroom) look over the top

I am not suggesting this is you. I have seen kids, dropped off at 7 for early morning care with no breakfast - they eat a pastary and choch milk in the lunchroom

They are expected to sit for the next several hours

They then eat a school lunch - sugar, processed junk, crap ... and sent back to class

They are in after care, with a snack of cookies and milk

They go home to video games/TV, and a poor quality supper

They go to bed late, are too tired to sleep well, are worken too early to start their day again

Now, do these kids have ADHD?????

What I observe is this: The kid blows up - something big happends and 'experts' are brought in

Teachers have meetings, parents talk ... medication is perscribed

Parents are encouraged to spend more time, so the kids gets a healthy breakfast and arrives at school around 8:30 when class starts

A homemade lunch is provided - not a lunchables, not processed crap, but actual food

Activities are make up the afternoon, sports maybe

Parents sit with kid at the kitchen table to do homework

Dinner is actually made and eaten, a bed time is observed

And, at school they say 'Wow, the medication is really working!"

Time goes on, parents again get busy with work, early morning care resumes, lunch is skipped, the sports season ends, late night at the office means the kid does homework alone (or not) stays up too late ....

And at school they say, "We need to adjust the medication"

That is what I have observed ... so use care when people want to label your kid

I am not saying the above is you - it is an extreem example

But, thoes are the issues I'd look at. What behaviors exactly are of concern? and How can the behaviors be addressed?

Some kids ... very few, actually do have ADHD and some, even less, actually benifit from medication

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