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My son Austin is 12 and in the sixth grade. I am a single parent. He was diagnosed with ADHD at 3; meds started in Kindergarten. He has been on many meds, and is currently taking Adderall XR 20mg QAM and Intuniv 2mg QAM. He sees a child pyschiatrist on a monthly basis. He has always a bit of organization and focusing trouble at school. Rarely he threw temper tantrums at school. However a couple of years ago, we moved to a poorer county because we bought a home there. He has been in this county for 5th and now 6th grade. These past 2 years were absolutely horrible. 5th grade consisted of constant "bounces" (getting kicked out of class). Sometimes for not doing his work, being rude, or disrespectful, not having his homework. This year with 6th grade, has tripled in horribleness. I have had numerous meetings with teachers. He kicks bounced on an almost daily basis, gets in school suspension, after school dentention, and out of school suspensions. His anger this year is bad, and often a cause of many of his problems. He gets kicked out of class for writing on himself, talking, doing not his work, being disrespectful, and just about everything else. In many of our parent/teacher meetings I have brought getting him an IEP/504--anything to help him. I keep getting the response "oh that might be something to look into it". I have punished him at home to the max! I have taken all of his toys away, tv is gone, junk food is gone; he has been on a "earn a toy back" on daily basis for not getting kicked out of class. Honestly it seriously seems like he just doesn't care anymore. He swears the teachers hate and that sometimes he doesn't know what he is kicking kicked out of class, and that if there are many kids doing something wrong, he is only kid that gets kicked out of class. I truly feel that they are discrimating against him. And I can't get them to get him more help. I have honestly considered quitting my job so that I can homeschool him. Does he have some defiance/attitude? Absoluetly. But because I know my child, I can deal with at home. They refuse to accomodate him by being specific with him, acknowledging his accomplishments. They just constantly harp on him. And his perception of why he is bounced is always different from what the teachers say is the reason. I am contemplating sending a recorder to school to see if my son is lying or "underexaggrating" his issues. thoughts?


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Why don't you go in and observe for a day? You should be able to do that. One of the side effects of Intuniv is aggressive/bad behavior. He may be experiencing this. If he is continuously getting detentions the school needs to get involved and do some EIP for sure! I would have your doctor write the school a note to say what his diagnosis is and why he has these behaviors.

Also does he eat foods with any dyes in them? That's a trigger for a lot of ADHD kids. In fact have you ever heard of the Feingold Diet? Here is a link to some info:

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