threatened miscarriage

Sarah - posted on 06/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My last period was on march 28th and I knew I was pregnant before I even took a test. I got a positive test the last week of april. I told my boyfriend and we told our family. I was starting to show and had all the pregnancy symptoms. One morning on june 2nd. I woke up with really bad pain and it felt like something burst. I went to the bathroom and there was a pool of blood. I was in slight pain for a couple hours and then passed a tiny clot. I decided to go to the ER where they tested my blood level and my hcg was at 0. They did an ultrasound and they could not detect a baby or a sac. They asked if I was sure I was pregnant. I broke down crying. Then the dr said that most likely the baby had died a few weeks prior and that I was jst passing it now. By the time I went to the hospital I had no pain at all and very little bleeding. I bled maybe for four days but only pretty much when I would whipe and then I had extreme pain for a few hours one day. He took care of me and I didnt bleed any more n felt fine the next day. Then on Wednesday I was doing a lot and started having mild pain then it turned to extreme pain. A 10 for 24 hours or more it made me pa

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