Three Kids Under 3!

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There are days I feel like I have it all together... Few and far between.. But I have three kids all under three and when I'm being pulled in three different directions .. Constantly .. And have to also tend to my husband .. It is really starting to effect me. I feel like a robot at times just trying to find my sanity. Any advice?? Or understanding ?? Of how I feel. My third third was unplanned.. But I love her dearly and could not imagine my life without her.. But I have a hard time finding anyone that really understands the stress I am going through. Will it get easier??


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Kayla - posted on 03/19/2014




I feel your pain. I also have 3 under 3, although my oldest is turning 4 this month, plus we have full time custody of my hubbys sister who is 7. It is definitely very stressful. But I also think it is really fun. I never ever have a boring day, the kids are constantly making me smile and laugh. I love that they are close in age as well because they have an amazing relationship with eachother and they love to help eachother out. People always look at me like I am insane, but I really don't care, and quite honestly, I am a little insane (who wouldn't be? haha)
As far as dealing with the chaos and stress, I find it really helps to start each day new.There is at least 4 meltdowns from the kids each day in my house, but I wake up each day like it never happened yesterday. Also, if you can get someone to watch the kids for at least an hour for you to get out for a while alone, that does wonders. The 7 year old is in school, so she is gone all day. But when my youngest 2 nap, I put a 30 minute show on for the oldest and I sit on my bed and read a book for that time. It is relaxing and a nice break for the day.
Keep your head up, you will be ok :)

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I only have one and a husband, that in itself feels like I'm being torn. In a way I understand the feeling and the stress of figuring out who to put first or even how to equally divide your time. I do believe it will get easier as they get older and start having friends of their own to play with and what not. Maybe for now try finding a common interest for all three to entertain each other

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