three year old acting up more then usual since her sister turned one


Sarah - posted on 08/12/2015




Her sister turned one and she got older too. She probably is acting up partly because she is 3 and that is what toddlers do, test boundaries, have tantrums and see how far they can go before you reign them back in. If it is truly related to her sister, she may recognize her as competition for your affection and attention. Now that little sis is older, walking and more like a little girl than a boring baby, she may feel uncertain of her position. Do not tolerate any hitting or unkindness toward her sister. Encourage her to be a big girl and show sis how to do things, praise her for her helpfulness. Spend time with her alone each day, reading and talking to just her. Try to pay little attention to negative behavior. If she is having a fit, take little sister away and tell her "when you are done you can come join us" she'll realize she gets more attention when with positive behavior than negative behavior.

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