Three Year Old Autistic??

Amy - posted on 05/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My little guy has just gone through the last portion of the evaluation for the autism spectrum today with our local health district (provincial). We were supposed to have two separate tests within the morning session but because my little guy was smiling, laughing and trying to communicate while playing (he has a serious speech delay so uses other methods to communicate - gestures, etc) the Psychologist didn't bother conducting the other part of the test and concluded the assessment by saying that he does not appear to be on the spectrum at this point in time, we should have him reevaluated before he goes to school, he appears to have a learning disorder and there are several aspects of his behaviour that "bother them". Based on their earlier portions of the assessment (prior to today), they deem some of this abilities to be at the level of that of a 21 month old.

There are several smaller traits in conjunction with his delayed speech that had me believing he was autistic (ie. quite rigid on routines, hand flapping when excited or agitated, becomes fixated on certain items or subjects, doesn't really understand social boundaries - very affectionate at the wrong times and does not seem to recognize personal space), insists that we take a certain route when travelling somewhere, becomes very panicked when separated from me (it took 7 months for him to get used to day care) etc

Perhaps I am just reading into things too much and should just go with what the Psychologist told me, but part of me thinks I should be seeking another opinion. Has anyone else had experience with anything like this ? Is it possible for an autistic child to be very interactive/social/make eye contact while possessing these other possible characteristics. Any advice would be much appreciated !!

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