three year old son's repeated sickness

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Hello Mommies,
I am not sure if my post is a rant or a desperate cry for help. My son always had dust/ nut allergies but since his 1st birthday (abt the time I weaned) he started getting repeatedly sick with high fevers of 104 as measured with a forehead scanner. Now he is 3.5. I keep thinking all kids go through this, but still is it true that such high fevers are so frequent? he is sick every 3 weeks once and that lasts for about a week- 10 days. ( 3 days high feverthrough out day and night followed/ by bad cough that leads every single tiem to vomit - only at mid night) Pewdiatrician has suggested asthma but with no attempt to diagnose. It is being based on allergies and night time cough but really my chil has never wheezed (doctor confirmed this with stethoscope ).

I am desperately seeking other reasons such as ENT. Has anny mommy been in similar boat? In another year he would be starting KG ... Not so concerned about academics but really he doesnt even get to socialize since he is home half the time as sick.

Another concern is his speech/ behavior .. he speaks only at home / with us close relatives.. but wont even say he is wet at school though he is fully potty trained for pee at home.

I am at loss on his split personality and trying to understand why he goes mute in social settings especially where we are not with him.


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1: If you are not happy with your current pediatrician, change doctors. Ask for second opinions. Find one that will refer you to ENT specialists.
2: If you are concerned about his behaviour at preschool, ask for a developmental evaluation. Most likely, he is doing fine he's just not in his comfort zone at school, and that will need to be worked on.

YOU are your child's advocate. If you feel that physicians, etc are ignoring you or not heeding your concerns, you need to keep pushing.

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