Throwing up randomly.

Stephanie - posted on 03/29/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 3 year old has thrown up a couple times this week. (this happens once in awhile) I think I've pinned down to when she drinks caffine. She had a little bit of caffinated root beer on Friday night & threw up Sat. morning. She also had a little pepsi on saturday afternoon & threw up in the middle of the night. She acts fine until about 2 minutes before she throws up and is fine 2 minutes after. Anyone else had this experience with caffine? Or shoould I start to look for other problems?


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Laura - posted on 04/02/2009




Carbination is notorious for that especially if she takes a few big drinks or downs it right away and the runs around like a bat out of hell. My daughter does that. And especially if it's dark colored sodas those usually have a lil bit more carbination than a 7up or something like that. My daughter can have 7up and not have a problem unless she drinks a pepsi.

Nicola - posted on 04/01/2009




Don't know about caffeine my daughter loves green olives but if she eats more than 3 they make her throw up i assume its all the salt. So yeah we just make sure we are careful if we have any out that we watch what shes doing. I fined that while caffiene doesn't make my kids throw up it really affects there sleep so only non caffinated soft drinks for them. Good luck finding out i think the food diary is a great idea.

Jennifer - posted on 04/01/2009




My five year old does the same thing, we hadn't been able to figure out the cause so we have started a food journal. She very rarely drinks any soda, but I now I will be watching to see if the two coinside. Sorry I don't have any advice but thanks for the post!!!

Jessica - posted on 03/29/2009




I would ask my doctor.  I think it is probably the carbs.  Maybe she has acid reflux or maybe she is just starting to get sick.  My 5 year old can't drink soda when he is sick because it comes back out.  After he is done being sick he is ok again.  

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