Thrush... Please help

Candice - posted on 04/29/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have no idea what to do anymore. My daughter was born Jan 8 and we have struggled with breastfeeding since the beginning. We realized she was pittance ult. So got that revised but still hurts. I know I have thrush again. How can I get rid of it?? I have tried the Dr jack Newman protocol. I did the fluconazole as well and it's cost me a fortune. I have done vinegar rinses. What can I do?!! I really want to continue bfing the but this is ridiculous.


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Raye - posted on 05/20/2015




You have to treat mom and baby at the same time. Otherwise you will keep passing it back and forth. Talk to your doctor. if what you're current doctor is doing/prescribing is not working, get a second opinion.

Ashbert13 - posted on 04/30/2014




I had this too. We passed it back and forth for like 3 months. I know how irritating and itchy and hurtful it can be. I think he used Miconazole for his mouth, and I had a cream that had the same ingredient it. The only thing I messed up was not doing it 4 times daily. I finally forced myself to get into a routine and get his mouth and my breasts at the same time and it finally was gone a couple weeks later. It is sooo frustrating! I feel your pain. Try to keep at it and ask your doctor about alternative creams. Hugs.

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