Tics and allergies in children

Katherine - posted on 09/16/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 yo daughter has had common tics since she was 3.5 yo. she started w/ blinking, then it went to throat clearing, they would come and go, so dr says the usual, just watch her... well, as she entered K they came on more, during school and whenever she was excited and /or stressed. Now she is in 1st and she is ticking almost all the time, and one is vocal, so we are seeing a drs left and right, I want to avoid drugs and am reading a book called Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes, a Patient and Family Guide. We got it on Amazon, the stories are from all over the world and the one link to all is some sort of allergy or lack of something in their diet.
Im going to try the magnesium glycinate as other moms because we are getting desperate - we are trying LENS neurofeedback therapy next week, all can be researched on google. She's a bit young for the sessions and Cognitive behavior sessions, but we may try those too. I will definitely have her allergy tested, also her dad has common tics, just 2 and and controls them, they are discrete, he also has allergies and asthma, My daughter had cold induced asthma but has just about grown out of it, interesting all the similarities. Im run down w/ worry, as I'm sure you all are too.


Betty - posted on 09/17/2016




She maybe allergic to something watch her diet what trigger the fits is after she eat a certain food or an odor she smells

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