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Hi. I'm new to this site & hoping someone can help. My LO is 12 weeks old & I've been following her leads with regards to a routine. She is bottle fed and set herself on 3 hourly feeds & then she spaced them out to 4 hourly. At night, I keep the room dark & quiet etc & again, she herself has started to go slightly longer between feeds, about 5.5 or 6 hours which I'm happy with. My question is, most books & websites state that I should try to impose a set bedtime & bedtime routine to encourage longer night sleeps, but this time changes each day so how can I do this?? - so if she eats every 4 hours but then does a 6 hour stretch at night, her next days "4 hours" are at different times. So for example, a 20.00 bedtime feed, then she wakes at 2.00, then 6.00, then by that evening her evening feed would be 18.00 or 22.00?, so should I be feeding her at 18.00 & then try to feed again at 20.00 to "hit the bedtime of 20.00" again? - surley she won't want to eat much having eaten 2 hours earlier?. Or maybe I should try & bring her day feeds back to 3 hourly?. I'm feeling very confused. :-(


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I think @ this stage it's just fine to feed whnever she's hungry;the bedtime routine is meant so tht whn u give her a bath & warm bottle & read a book or whtever you're doing she'll start to associate tht with sleep.but @ 3 months she's only going to START associating it with sleep so it will take time;wht I did was sometimes just skip a bath if he was tired & gave him a bottle & put to bed.start again the next day;bath,book,bottle.mine is 7 months old now & goes to bed @ just about the same time everyday give or take about 30 minutes & sleeps a minimum of 6 hours straight;so take it easy & don't worry so much about your timing right now & it will come together :) congratulations on your baby girl!

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