Time for my 2year old daughter to meet her 7mth old half brother......

Gem Lou - posted on 06/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm after a bit of advise and some opinions really.

The short story is my ex and I split up 4 days before I found out I was expecting his child, we decided that getting back together wasn't the right thing but I went through with the pregnancy and had our daughter and have never looked back.. Shes my world.
We always got on ok ( as friends) and I have always encouraged a healthy relationship and visitation for him and her, as considering everything that has happened they do have a good relationship.
So- 8 weeks before Christmas, he sits me down after putting her to bed at mine and tells me that he has a girlfriend and that he's going to be a dad again..... in 5 weeks time!! Shell shocked was an understatement and I was extremely hurt as all this time he'd been lying around on my sofa, having me cook him dinner when he came to see her and all the while he has a girlfriend and a baby on the way.
Id be lying if I said it hasn't left a sour taste in my mouth.
So... now its June! its been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I think him and his girlfriend haven't had the smoothest of starts either, but now he wants to introduce gf and baby to our daughter.

I don't want my daughter left in the dark and but I also want to do this the best way possible... trying very hard to put my own feelings to one side but its not easy....... What to do?


Nicole - posted on 06/17/2013




I recently read an article in Parenting magazine regarding a similar situation that said to tell the truth in a very "matter of fact way", and making sure you don't interject any of your own issues into the explaination. Maybe she will have questions and maybe she won't. Since she is only 2 you could certainly wait another year until she can comprehend the situation better. I have been married to my husband 7 years...I married a widower with 3 children...3 boys, now 11, 14,16 and we have 5 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy together. My little one still dont know they have different mom...think we are going to finally tell them this summer......bit stressed about myself.

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